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Weekly seminar at our Institute

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On 7th June, 2018, I gave a seminar talk at our Institute Astronomical Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań: LINK. During the talk I presented my recent publication Testing the disk instability model of cataclysmic variables (Dubus et al. 2018) which is described here: LINK. Although the topics related to cataclysmic variables are not very popular at...
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SY Mus - search for physical parameters

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Our proceedings from the XXXVIII Polish Astronomical Society Meeting held 11-14 September, 2017, in Zielona Góra, Poland, has been published: LINK. We studied an eclipsing symbiotic system composed of a white dwarf and a red giant, SY Mus. With the use of observational data in the infrared bands within the PHOEBE software, we determined physical parameters of the...
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I'm back to work!

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I'm finishing my maternity leave today! Big day for all of us :)...
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Two-body problem solved

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Our two-body problem is solved! I mean the academic two-body problem, not the gravitational one ;) I was about to write a post about my new job at A. Mickiewicz University. However, only yesterday we learnt that my husband, who is also an astronomer, has been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral position at the same institute! First thing first: last...
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Farewell to Leiden

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The last two years of my life I spent in the beautiful city of Leiden, the Netherlands. Picture: Nieuwe Rijn, Leiden, NL. It was an amazing time for me personally as well as from the scientific point of view. I had the honor to work at the Leiden Observatory of the Leiden University, i.e., Sterrewacht. It was...
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