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I've got the SONATINA 3 NCN grant!

I've got the SONATINA 3 NCN grant! thumbnail
Polish National Science Centre (NCN) has awarded me the SONATINA 3 grant! Here is the official information, and here you can find the news on the website of my Institute. During the next three years I am going to study symbiotic stars with the use of optical interferometry. Finally! I've been waiting for such opportunity for quite a...
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Master thesis of my student defended!

Master thesis of my student defended! thumbnail
Today my Master student - Aleksandra Leśniewska - defended her Master Thesis Modeling of symbiotic star SY Mus based on photometric and spectroscopic observations with the best mark! I'm so proud :)...
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Two-body problem solved

Two-body problem solved thumbnail
Our two-body problem is solved! I mean the academic two-body problem, not the gravitational one ;) I was about to write a post about my new job at A. Mickiewicz University. However, only yesterday we learnt that my husband, who is also an astronomer, has been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral position at the same institute! First thing first: last...
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