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I've got the SONATINA 3 NCN grant!

I've got the SONATINA 3 NCN grant! thumbnail
Polish National Science Centre (NCN) has awarded me the SONATINA 3 grant! Here is the official information, and here you can find the news on the website of my Institute. During the next three years I am going to study symbiotic stars with the use of optical interferometry. Finally! I've been waiting for such opportunity for quite a...
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Popular talk in Kościan, Poland

Popular talk in Kościan, Poland thumbnail
Today at the Astronomical Observatory of Kościan I gave a popular talk: How can we measure the size of a coin located on the Moon from the Earth?. Observations in astronomy are the basic source of information. Over the centuries, the methods of conducting such observations, as well as their reduction and analysis, have undergone tremendous evolution, and...
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VLTI Summer School 2018

VLTI Summer School 2018 thumbnail
From the 9th to the 14th of July in Lisbon, Portugal, I participated in the 9th VLTI Summer School organised by the Portuguese VLTI Expertise Centre, the JMMC, the EII, and ESO. The school was set to train the VLTI users. It was very practical and we were introduced to the tools used in observation preparation and VLTI...
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