SY Mus - search for physical parameters

publication symbiotic star PHOEBE conference proceedings

Our proceedings from the XXXVIII Polish Astronomical Society Meeting held 11-14 September, 2017, in Zielona Góra, Poland, has been published: LINK.

We studied an eclipsing symbiotic system composed of a white dwarf and a red giant, SY Mus. With the use of observational data in the infrared bands within the PHOEBE software, we determined physical parameters of the system, such as masses and radii.

This work was led by my Master student - Aleksandra Leśniewska, who presented there the preliminary results of our SY Mus study which will be a base of her Master thesis this year.
It has been done in co-operation with Prof. Joanna Mikołajewska (N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland) and Prof. Patricia A. Whitelock (SAAO and Astronomy, Cosmology and Gravity Centre, Astronomy Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa).

Our model of SY Mus Fig. Our model of SY Mus.